About PSH

Dr. Salman Naseem Adil
The Aga Khan University, Karachi - Pakistan

Dr. Saleem Ahmad Khan
NUMS, Rawalpindi - Pakistan

Dr. Natasha Ali
The Aga Khan University, Karachi - Pakistan

The Pakistan Society of Hematology (PSH) has been founded to promote and foster the exchange of information relating to blood, blood-forming tissues, and blood diseases. The Society is aimed to serve as a forum for bringing together practitioners and those involved in the practice of Haematology in Pakistan and abroad.

Aims And Objective
To Promote the advancement of Haematology, including transfusion medicine, through encouragement of research, improvement of teaching and technical methods, organizations of affiliations with other national and international organizations.
To provide a forum for persons practicing Haematology and transfusion medicine to discuss problems and to formulate and present agreed viewpoint at national and international forum.
To offer guidance and training to qualified doctors in order to prepare for postgraduate examinations in the subject of Haematology and Transfusion Medicine.

Executive Council Members:
Dr Asad Mahmood Abbasi, Rawalpindi
Dr Ayesha Junaid, Islamabad
Dr Ayisha Imran, Lahore
Dr Bushra Moiz, Karachi
Dr Hamid Saeed Malik, Peshawar
Dr Hanif Mengal, Quetta
Dr Hina Qureshi, Karachi
Dr Khalid Khan, Peshawar
Dr Mohammad Tariq Mahmood, Lahore
Dr Muhammad Sajid Yazdani, Abbottabad
Dr Munira Borhany, Karachi
Dr Saima Farhan, Lahore
Dr Zahida Qasim, Mirpur, AJK

Welcome Note

Chairperson, Scientific Committee

Dr. Bushra Moiz
The Aga Khan University, Karachi - Pakistan

Chairperson, HAEMCON2022

Dr. M Shariq Shaikh
The Aga Khan University, Karachi - Pakistan

I welcome all the participants to 24th Annual PSH Conference held at Karachi, Pakistan. I anticipate that conference will provide a tremendous chance to share the scientific and educational knowledge among young and leading hematologists. I am grateful to national and international speakers for gracing the occasion especially in the recent changed circumstances of the country. I wish they stay safe with us virtually.

Scientific committee worked tirelessly to plan the program. Six pre-conference workshops are arranged by leading hematologists to nurture budding hematologists and technologists. The distinct feature of conference is display of original work by hematologists and their residents. I am pleased to inform that we received more than 80 abstracts from technologists and residents so far. Committee members reviewed the blinded abstracts and selected the best abstracts for oral presentation in various sessions.

I am hopeful that the haematology community at large will benefit from the knowledge of our research and that we will have an excellent turnout of participants.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Anila Rashid
Dr. Bushra Moiz
Dr. Danish Shakeel
Dr. Fatima Meraj
Ms. Fauzia Naureen
Dr. Hina Qureshi
Dr. Jahanzeb Abro
Dr. Javeria Aijaz
Dr. Javeria Qureshi
Dr. Jawad Hassan
Dr. Mah Ali
Dr. Mahadev Harani
Dr. Mahesh Kumar
Dr. Mohammad Usman Shaikh
Dr. Muhammad Hasan
Mr. Muhammad Ibrash Uz Zaman
Dr. Muhammad Nadeem
Mr. Muhammad Salman
Dr. Muhammad Shariq Shaikh
Dr. Munira Borhany
Dr. Naila Raza
Dr. Natasha Ali
Dr. Neelum Mansoor
Dr. Omer Javed
Dr. Salman Naseem Adil
Dr. Sana Khurram
Dr. Shabneez Hussain
Ms. Shahmina Sadaf
Dr. Sibtain Ahmed
Dr. Sumaira Shaikh
Dr. Syed Muhammad Irfan
Dr. Thomas Alexander
Dr. Uzma Zaidi
Dr. Waseem Iqbal

Contact Us

Conference Secretariat:

Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
The Aga Khan University, Stadium Road, Karachi - Pakistan
Tel: +92 21 34864511, +92 322 5181302
Email: psh.org.pk@gmail.com
Web: psh.org.pk/haemcon2022